Painter Herbert Ruhnau donates proceeds

Painter Herbert Ruhnau donates proceeds
02. Oktober 2022

Painter Herbert Ruhnau donates to the Heart Foundation Krefeld

The exhibition of the self-taught painter Herbert Ruhnau took place in the rooms of the Golf Club An der Elfrather Mühle e.V. in Krefeld at the end of August and was met with great response.

The money collected during the visit to the exhibition reached an impressive sum of €3000, which the artist donated to the Krefeld Heart Foundation. With great pleasure, the Chairman of the Heart Foundation, Professor Dr. Tobias Zekorn, accepting the donation.

With its commitment, the regionally active heart foundation wants to reduce the number of heart diseases in Krefeld and the surrounding area in the long term and improve life with a disease.

To this end, the foundation is committed to improving prevention and acute care for heart diseases and also supports a number of cardiological research projects and care projects with its funds.

In planned information events and seminars on heart diseases, the foundation wants to support sick people and their relatives with a wide range of medical questions through a knowledge-competence network,

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