Photo competition of the GCEM

Photo competition of the GCEM "Golf and Nature"

Photo competition of the GCEM "Golf and Nature" for the year 2023

Photo competition of the GCEM "Golf and Nature" 2023

As announced in the last newsletter, we want to invite our members to a golf & nature photo competition. The aim is to capture new and special perspectives of our golf course photographically and to document the diversity of fauna and flora over the course of the year.

All members of the GCEM except the nominated jury members
and professional photographer

Contest period:
01.02.-30.04.2023 (phase 1)
01.05.-31.07.2023 (phase 2)
01.08.-31.10.2023 (phase 3)

Competition categories:
landscape, flora, fauna

Each participant can submit up to 5 photos in each competition phase. He can assign each of the photos to one of the categories of his own choice. If a participant submits more than 5 photos per phase, the photos submitted last will not be included in the competition. A subsequent exchange is not possible.

Submitted photos must meet the following conditions

  • The photo was taken by the participant on the GCEM site during the respective competition phase
  • The photo is available as a jpg file with a maximum file size of 5 MB
  • The photo shows no identifiable people
  • The photo represents a single subject, not collages
  • No frames, graphic elements or obvious image manipulations
  • No text elements, watermarks or copyright notices
  • In case of doubt, the jury will make the final decision on admission to the competition

Submission modalities:

  • By e-mail or file transfer to
  • Specification of contact details of the submitter (name, telephone number) and the competition category

Award procedure:

  • The pre-selection and final award is anonymous
  • A nominated jury selects the best 10 photos per category from among the submissions for each competition phase
  • These images will be published promptly on the GCEM homepage
  • After the end of the 3rd competition phase in November, the members of the GCEM determine the final winners in each category from this pre-selection by voting


  • Non-cash prizes for the 1st-3rd Winner in the categories landscape, flora, fauna
  • Special prizes from the jury for the most creative contribution in each of the categories

Copyright and exploitation:

  • Participation grants the GCEM a limited right of exploitation for the submitted photos with the following scope: publication on the homepage for
  • marketing purposes, creation and marketing of a photo calendar, use in advertising material for the GCEM
  • Further - especially commercial - use requires separate agreements
  • In any case, the publication (after completion of the member voting) takes place with the author being named

Responsible for the tender and implementation:

Peter Neisius, Prof. Dr. Gunther Weber, Dr. Michael Prein

Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle DGV-Zertifizierung Golf & Natur BRONZE
Left to right:
Andy Wale / Peter Neisius / Amadora Fernandez / André Pastoors (chief Executive Officer GVNRW) / Dr. Gunter Hardt (Chairman of the DGV Golf & Nature committee)

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