Our possibilities for your advertising

Advertising possibilities

Are you looking for a way to present your product or service to a financially strong, wealthy and quality-oriented clientele of opinion leaders, academics, freelancers, managers and entrepreneurs in your region?

Our advertising packages enable an effective target group approach without wastage. You directly address a clientele with above-average purchasing power (according to DGV statistics, 61% of golfers have a net household income of over 3,750 euros/month).

Attractive target group with a balanced age structure and an age focus of 45 to 65 years.

Golf is the No. 1 business sport and an excellent platform for generating business-to-business contacts.

The relaxed leisure atmosphere and environment lead to a high receptiveness of your advertising message.

Your advantages:

  • Great acceptance by advertising partners - golfers prefer products and services from golf advertising partners.
  • High advertising effectiveness - almost 70% of advertising partners extend their marketing campaign at the golf club.
  • On average over 600 clicks on Golfclub Elfrather Mühle daily.

Here is a list of our main advertising media and advertising opportunities. Assume that we will put together an offer from the diverse advertising media and activities that fits your company and your specific advertising message.

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Our communication partners

Communication possibilities on the pitch
Tee boards 18 holes - total or individual1-5 years
Welcome boards entrance and car park1-5 years
Single golf cart5 years
Communication possibilities Club 'total'
Scorecards1-3 years
Birdiebook1-3 years
Homepage1-3 years
Bag-Tags1-3 years
Tournament-sponsoringsee company tournaments
Co-Sponsoringafter consultation
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