Leading Golfclubs

Leading Golfclubs

Member of the 'Leading Golfclubs of Germany'


Currently, 38 golf clubs in Germany are entitled to bear the "Leading Golf Clubs of Germany" seal of quality. At golf clubs in this category, you can expect hospitality, style and service quality in perfection. Sustainable management promotes biodiversity and creates unique areas of flora and fauna.

Everything that serves the golf experience.

For 18 years, the quality and value association Leading Golf Clubs of Germany has been awarding outstanding golf courses.

The central element is the quality control of the member clubs by means of the mystery test procedure. The test procedure was developed by an international, absolutely independent market research institute and is revised year after year. Golfers with regular handicaps of up to -20 anonymously test the affiliated golf courses Five times a year using a questionnaire comprising over 100 complexes.

It is the only tried and tested procedure that reveals the advantages and temporary weaknesses of a golf course throughout the entire season and is thus an elementary component of quality management.


We are proud to count ourselves among them - as a member of the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany.

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