Hygiene Concept Covid-19

Hygiene concept of the golf club at the 'Elfrather Mühle'

(according to the requirements of health protection (COVID-19))

Dear Golfers,

In order to meet the requirements of health protection for the containment of COVID-19 
special rules of conduct and hygiene measures are in force on our golf course. 
hygiene measures to protect against infection. We ask you to observe the following rules for 
for your own protection and the protection of your fellow human beings:

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons must be maintained at all times.
  • Playing golf on the course is only permitted with a pre-booked tee time.
  • Do not go to the tee until shortly before the start time
  • Flag poles must not be removed and must not be touched
  • Marking stakes of obstacles / boundaries and distance markings 
      must not be removed or touched
  • If possible, touch bunker rakes with a glove.
  • Please only hit from cleared mat tees on the driving range.
  • Please place your golf set to your right on the grass tees.
  • Distance markings are drawn in front of the ball machine. The ball baskets 
      for the range balls are not disinfected. We recommend using your own container (e.g. 
      plastic bag)
  • Please observe the spacing regulations in the caddie hall and limit 
      the stay to the most necessary
  • The club secretariat / pro shop is open. Please keep your distance from our 
      staff and observe the obligation to wear masks
  • No access to the golf course for persons with Corona-suspicious symptoms of illness (cough, fever). 
      symptoms (cough, fever...) as well as persons who have recently had contact with 
      with demonstrably infected persons

Thank you for your understanding!           Krefeld, 01.05.2021


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