Head-Greenkeeper's Letter

Andy Wale and the Greenkeeping Team

Letter from the Head-Greenkeeper

Dear members, dear friends of golf,

as it is now the beginning of March and spring is already setting in with its great and beautiful weather, it is very important to me to give everyone a brief update on the progress of the course and the activities of the greenkeeping team during the winter period.

At the moment we are in the final stages of aerification and I thank you for your understanding that despite the glorious weather we have had to change the greens to winter greens once again for some time. But you will see, it was worth it.

But now I would like to tell you about some of the new features.

The most noticeable are the new bunkers and redesign on holes 4,10,14 and 16. The new bunker on hole 4 will be a test for golfers of all abilities, it will prevent many balls from getting lost and hold them. New drainage has been installed to ensure that the bunkers can be played in all year round. The bunkers on holes 10 and 16 have all been redesigned so that they are already visible from the fairway. The bunker to the right of hole 14 has been reshaped and divided into 2 smaller bunkers. The reshaping here certainly makes sense as a large bunker is not easily playable and therefore useless.

You will also notice that the overgrown trees and bushes on holes 7,8,10,11,12 and 15 have been cut back and all the dead wood and overgrown "jungle" has been removed. All this will result in an improvement in the playability of the course and speed up play.

Other projects will include the relocation of the women's tee on hole 12, renovation of the paths in and around the clubhouse and on the course, as well as the paths leading to tee 9. The ground will also be replaced in areas that have been damaged by traffic.

I am very happy with the condition of the course the very hot summer last year. I am particularly proud of the greens as they are in excellent condition, as is the rest of the course. The perfect spring weather makes for a very good start to the season.

Thank you and have a great game,

Andy Wale and the Greenkeeping Team

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