All ladies and men's teams

Teams and their captains

TeamCaptain or contact personLeague
DGL MenDr. Michael PreinNational League West 2
AK 30 MenMr. Dennis Sölle4. League Group F
AK 30 LadiesMs. Gudrun Sonnenschein2. League Group B
AK 50 Men IMr. Otto Hans3. League Group C
AK 50 Men IIMr. Axel Reimann5. League Group J
AK 50 LadiesMs. Christa Hans2. League Group B
AK 65 MenMr. Mladen Martinac5. League Group K
AK 65 LadiesMs. Gitta Neisius3. League Group B

How do I become a team player?

Questions to the Golf Association Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V (GVNRW)

When are you eligible to play in a club team?

A player must have amateur status (in the sense of DGV amateur status) and can only play for the team of the GVNRW member that has been the player's home club within the meaning of the DGV default system since 01.01. of the calendar year in question without interruption. A change of the GVNRW member leading the handicap must be declared by 31.12. of the previous year (for details see clause 15.3. of the DGV handicap system). If a player has already been a member of a team of a GVNRW member during a playing season, he is not eligible to participate for any other GVNRW member in any team championship in the same playing season.

Are you allowed to play in the ladies / men's team as a senior?

A senior is permitted to play for the women's team of her home club in addition to the senior team. A senior in turn is allowed to start for the men's team of his home club in addition to the senior team.

Are girls and boys eligible to compete in more than one team?

Girls and boys, just like the seniors, can participate in all team championships in a playing season for which they fulfil the participation requirement. Provided that they play for the same GVNRW member during the season in the competitions. Source: GVNRW e.V.   

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