Junior development in the club

The junior training at Elfrather Mühle Golf Club offers children the opportunity to improve their golf game.

In basic training, the focus is on inductive learning. Conditional skills are trained in a playful manner. Already at this age, both social competence and mental competence increase.

At our two units 'Summer Camp' and 'Youth Training', our youngest can see all facets of the wonderful sport of golf and decide for themselves whether they should become young, recognised golfers.

The summer camp experience with interested contemporaries of the same age will be particularly memorable for them.

In contrast to the summer camp, the junior training already focuses more on technique, fitting and exercise design.

With a lot of fun and curiosity, the children discover and explore the movements of golf.

With increasing age, the training content becomes more golf-specific and the deductive part of the training content increases.

For the development into a successful golfer, the children need two things in particular:

  • Time
  • Excellent general conditional skills

The coaching team at Elfrather Mühle takes this time for the training of the children and with a lot of creativity offers the children possibilities to develop their skills individually.

It is our aim to inspire the children with a lot of fun and creativity for the sport of golf and to support them in their development.

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