Elfrath Seniors

Elfrath Seniors

A life with golf

Welcome to the seniors teams

If you are at least 50 years old or will be 50 this year, we would like to welcome you to the GCEM Seniors and wish you enjoyable games and entertaining hours in convivial company.

Both league players and beginners in golf, ambitious and less ambitious tournament players meet in our seniors' circle. The spectrum of handicaps is therefore broad. From this point of view, you will easily find a suitable flight partner with us.

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests concerning our senior circle.

The following information provides a brief outline of our sporting and social activities.

Our sports activities

During the season, the seniors generally have their senior day on Thursdays.

Tournaments are offered from approx. 10:00 am. These are announced both handicap-relevant and non-handicap-relevant, usually in alternation. In the season from May to September, single-count tournaments are exclusively handicap-relevant.
We strive to organise a varied programme of competitions.

To increase the attractiveness of golf, we hold all tournaments over 18 and 9 holes - with a few exceptions.

The seniors tee off from the red tees, the seniors from the blue tees.

The betting calendar is distributed electronically to the seniors, published on the "notice board" in the clubhouse at the beginning of the season and can be viewed on the club's homepage - www.gcem.de - under Golf, Elfrather Seniors.

The announcement for the respective competition is published a few days beforehand on the notice board and on the GCEM homepage, www.gcem.de under Competition, Registration. Here you can also register.
Registration is also possible on the posted entry list and by telephone via the secretary's office, call 02151 4969-0.

For organisational reasons, registration must be made two days before the start of the tournament.

As a rule, an entry fee of 5 EUR will be charged for all competitions. The proceeds will be used to purchase the winning prizes. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the tournament in a convivial atmosphere.

Communication and convivality

The seniors welcome when guests are invited to play golf. Every year we hold a friendly match with the Issum Niederrhein Golf Club, alternating between Issum and GCEM. In addition, once a year the seniors go on a three-day golf outing to golf courses a little further afield.

Particularly sporting and sociable tournaments are the Captain's Tournament and the tournament for the "challenge cup" Elfrather Mühle.

At the end of the year, traditionally with a goose dinner in November in convivial company, the captain presents the review of the year and the preview for the next season. The evaluation of the number of tournaments held is presented with details of the participation of the senior players both over 18 and 9 holes. 

Great care is also taken with the disclosure of income and expenditure and the auditor's report. If no objections are raised, the Senior Captain and his team will be confirmed in the conclusion.

Increasing the well-being of club members

A continuous improvement process of all relevant processes in the GCEM is strived for.

Suggestions and requests regarding the course and the activities of the GCEM can be addressed to the GCEM management or the captain team.

Contact details of the senior-captain and his team

If you have any questions about the time or content of senior activities, or if you have any requests or enquiries about golf at the GCEM, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and information:

Gitta Neisius 
Phone:         0173 5322253
E-mail:  gitta.neisius@gmail.com

Axel Reimann
Phone:       0171 3049667
E-mail: axel.reimann@web.de

Herbert Liessem
Phone:       0176 10597184
E-mail: herbert.liessem@t-online.de

Dr. Gunter Weber
Phone:       0170 7309268
E-mail: gunter.weber@mawe-beratung.de 

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