Elfrath Gentlemen

Elfrath Gentlemen

Our men's team at the golf club

Review of the 2021 season and outlook for 2022

In 2021, it was again not possible to play the full calendar of matches on the men's days. It was not until mid-June that the men began to compete again in the sporting arena.

It remains to be said that participation in the men's days was down this year, for the first time in three years.  I hope that when the general life returns to normal in the coming year, the participation will also level off again. On top of that, we had to cancel three men's days due to heavy rain.

We raised a total of 2222.00 Euros at the Stups tournaments, plus three larger private donations, and these were handed over to the director Mrs. Anja Claus last week.

At the closing event, almost 20 men were present, who reviewed the season over delicious food and a few beers. One topic was of course the new WHI, which has already made itself quite noticeable with tournament players. The handicap now goes up and down much faster, but it is indeed more fair.

Ausblick 2022

We want to start with the men's days in mid-April 2022. In addition to the normal, regular handicap-relevant tournaments, we want to try to play a Rydercup over 18 holes.

For this we will play a foursome bestball and maybe one or two non-handicap tournaments.

The suggestion made at the closing event to play Men's Day once a month on Fridays has already been rejected by Mrs Fernandez in order to block starting times for non-working members who can already play on Friday afternoons.

Whether 9-hole tournaments will still be offered on Men's Day has not yet been finally clarified.

I wish everyone well through the winter, stay healthy and hopefully we will see you back on the course at GCEM in the spring of 2022 ready to do great things.

Your Mens-Captain

Andreas Zimmermann

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