For the right wedge and the right ball

WEDGE – Fitting & Gapping

The right length increments in your wedge set-up can help you achieve the optimum length control for you, as well as the best possible ball contact. The right wedges will give you the greatest possible confidence in your shots to the green, helping you to play lower scores.
Work with our professionals to find the right set and improve your short game!


Number of personsTimePrice
1 person30 min€ 30,00
Group with 3 persons60 min€ 20,00 p.P.
Group with 4 persons60 min€ 15,00 p.P.

BALLFITTING – Find the right ball for your game

There is only one component in your golf equipment with which you make every shot: That is your golf ball. Yet we golfers often enough hear "I'm not good enough, the golf ball doesn't matter" -or- "I'll play the ball that's in my bag".
However, wear and tear and variations in golf ball performance will significantly alter your golf game, especially on shots to the green. 
Continuity in your ball choice avoids fluctuations in performance and is an essential key to a more consistent and successful game.

Prices: (incl. 3 of your fitted balls)

Number of personsTimePrice
1 person30 min€ 42,00
Group with 3 persons60 min€ 32,00 p.P.
Group with 4 persons60 min€ 27,00 p.P.

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