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Environmental program "Golf & Nature"

Golf & Nature Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle

The Golf & Country Club Elfrahter Mühle joined the "Golf & Nature" environmental program of the German Golf Association (DGV) in 2022. The commitment of our club in connection with the certification program "Golf & Nature" of the DGV was presented in detail at the general meeting. Participation in this program is an essential step for the club to raise awareness of the need and to prioritize the self-image of nature and the environment and to stimulate a rethinking of sustainability, environmental protection and biodiversity. This not only applies to the club, but also to a special degree for our members.

Our work was awarded bronze certification in November 2022 by an expert's examination. This is the first important step. The club grounds are a place of retreat for many animals and plants that are finding it difficult to find suitable habitats and are able to colonize them undisturbed. Golf is the only sport that combines physical activity with the preservation and promotion of biological diversity.
In this context, at the beginning of the new year, we will launch a photo contest about the fauna and flora of our club through the seasons.

Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle DGV certificate BRONZE


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