Course rules

Course rules

The rules for the use of the golf course

1st rule

"Off" is marked by the boundary fences of the court, white posts or lines. If white lines are present, these have priority.

  • If a ball comes to rest on or beyond the road "An der Elfrather Mühle", (holes 10 and 18), it is "out".
  • On holes 9 and 18, the out boundary is marked by white posts and/or the road boundary (white railing) closer to the respective fairway. A ball that crosses the out-of-bounds line defined in this way and comes to rest beyond it is "out". On course 18, in the extension of the railing, the paved path is "out".
  • If a ball comes to rest on or beyond the road "Krienshütte" (left side of holes 5,6,7 and 8), it is "out". 

2nd rule

The following objects are immovable obstructions (Rule 16-1). If they obstruct the stance or space of a player's intended swing, the ball may be picked up without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 14-3.b. In doing so, the ball picked up may be cleaned.

Immovable obstructions are:

  • the paved or gravelled paths on the court
  • all pegged plantings 

3rd rule

Unusual court conditions are marked by blue pegs and/or white/blue lines, here the player must claim relief according to Rule 16.1.

4th rule

Place markers:

  • white stakes = exclusion line
    yellow/red stakes = Penalty Area
    blue stakes = Unusual court conditions 

5th rule

The distance markings (posts) apply as the crow flies to the beginning of the green.

green/blue post = 200 m
green/white post = 150 m
green/red post = 100 m

6th rule

Penalty for violation of a course rule:

Hole play = loss of hole
Counting game = basic penalty 

7th rule

Special court rules (limited in time) are announced by notice board, if applicable.

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